Friday, January 9, 2015

Reading My Bible Daily and Other Things...

Wow. 2015 is here!

I remember watching Back to the Future II and thinking that 2015, the year Marty McFly travels back in time to, seemed so far away.  So far away in fact that the flying cars, self-fitting jackets, and holographic movie marquees actually seemed plausible.

Well, all of a sudden it seems, 2015 is a reality and even though we're already 1 week in, I have yet to see one flying car, a self-fitting jacket, or a holographic movie marquee.

A few things from that movie did come to fruition though.  The video phone Marty used are a reality now, although we call it Facetime.  We know Marty's awesome television sunglasses as GoogleGlass.  And my childhood dream of hoverboarding to school is now a viable option ... because apparently hoverboards are real!

Even though self-tying shoes and capsule sized just-add-water entree dinners haven't made it here yet, it doesn't mean they never will.  I'm sure someone, somewhere is hard at work on them and sooner rather than later those things too will become our very real reality.

But as cool as those things are, they actually have no real impact on what really matters... my ongoing relationship with Jesus.

If I were to travel back in time, I would see at multiple points along my life's continuum, my past-self attempting the discipline of reading my Bible daily...  I would also see, however, after a few days my past-self giving up.  I was too busy, too tired, too forgetful, too lazy...

Fundamentally I know these things are stall tactics of the Enemy used to thwart my attempts at strengthening my relationship with Jesus.  But still, after attaching all sorts of excuses to reconcile my heart's desire with what I actually know to be happening, I invariably come out the other side feeling defeated and just give up.

Now, who does that make sense to?  Out of the two powers vying for my soul why am I giving in to the one I know has no power over me?  Why am I helplessly conceding when all I need to do is ask Jesus for help?

Regardless of the excuses and the constant starts and stops, I consistently have the strong desire to want to read my Bible everyday.  I think that's how we're designed... We were created to be in relationship with Him... We have imprinted on our hearts this inescapable desire to know God better.

So this year, I've made up my mind that it's going to be different.

And I'm starting 2015 acknowledging three things:

1.  There will be attempts to stall, stop, distract, and discourage my attempts of the daily discipline of reading my Bible.  I wouldn't expect anything less really.

2.  Sometimes those attempts may succeed.


3.  Acknowledgment of these realities creates room for me to fail forward - an opportunity to faithfully press into God and His wonderful grace, allowing Him to help me know Him more and more - not just give up.

To that end, the kids in the Family and Children ministry department, the staff, and myself are starting with the book of Luke taken in bite-sized chunks.  It's a 51 day track and about 20 verses per day.

Here is a link to an easy-to-follow map of the book of Luke that we're using.

Please feel free to join us on this journey if you'd like.

And remember, if you fail to read everyday, fail forward and press into God's grace... just start again!

On this journey with you,

Pastor Beau