Saturday, December 5, 2015

Experiencing Advent; Week 2 Know

I hope you were able to experience the shalom of advent this past week.

This Sunday/week is about 'know'...

What does that mean?  What does that look like?

Depending on the age and or personalities of your children you can take this discussion on 'knowing' 2 different ways.

1} You can discuss what they 'know' about Christmas & Jesus. {an intellectual know}
2} You can discuss that Jesus knows them and that they can know Jesus. {a relationship know}

A few simple ways to celebrate these two different versions of know with your kids this week...

*Set up your nativity {or if you're like us, your many, many nativities} 
While unpacking and setting out each piece. Talk about the meaning of each piece.  Make this as detailed or simple as needed for your kids.  You can take this either direction with 'know' you can 'inform' your kids {intellectual know} about the pieces of the nativity.  Or you can talk with them about the why {relationship know} Jesus came as a baby.  

*Make Christmas ornaments; A simple ornament 3 ways
          a} Reminder Bulb
               -1 empty clear glass bulb
               -1 piece of straw/hay/rafia
               - nail, 1 white feather
Place the hay, nail & feather into the glass bulb.  Each of this items are symbols of Jesus and can serve as reminders of our relationship with Him.  The hay = he humbled himself and came as a baby, being born in a manger, so we could know Him.  The nail = He died for our sins, so that we could know Him.  The feather = he sent the Holy Spirit so that we may know Him!  Print off or hand write a Bible verse that your family chooses to attach to the ornament and hang it on your tree.
          b} The Emmanuel Bulb 
               -1 empty clear glass bulb
               - small strips of paper{any color you choose} & something to write with
               - a permanent marker.  
Write ways that God was with your family this past year.  {he comforted me when I was scared/sad/lonely, he healed my broken bone/body/heart, he supplied our needs, we enjoyed his creation, we saw a waterfall, a new friend, an old friend, a great church, a good school year, a hard school year, etc, etc, etc}.  Roll these strips of paper up and drop them into the ornament.  Replace the metal hangy thing.  Using the permanent marker document what this ornament is on the outside, {ex. "Emmanual 2015,"  "Our Journey with Jesus 2015," "Jesus Loves Us 2015"} Place on your tree.

          c} Jesus is the Word Bulb
               -1 glass bulb {does not need to be clear {you will be covering the bulb up}
               - a computer & printer
               - white glue/mod podge
               - foam paint brush
Using your computer print off Bible verses {either Christmas related Bible verse, ones about Jesus, or your favorite verse} in a small, easy to read font.  Cut the verses into strips.  Glue these strips onto the outside of your glass bulb.  Cover the entire bulb with strips.  Let dry and then hang of your tree.
Idea from the turquoise home blog 

*Know-in the kitchen...
     2 different ways to experience know in your kitchen this week with your kids...
          a} Intellectual Know-find a simple recipe that your kids might be able to memorize/know and make it.  Something simple like a 1 cup Snack Mix {5-6 different ingredients, raisins, dried cranberries, peanuts, sunflower seeds, dried mango pieces, coconut, chocolate chips, chex cereal, popcorn, etc} measure 1 cup of each ingredient into a large bowl {or large bag} and mix together.
          b}  Relationship Know-do you have a favorite family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation {relationship}.  Together make this family/relationship recipe.

Our goal with these advent ideas are just that...ideas.  We want your family to experience the shalom of advent this year.  We do not want to add to the busy-ness of the season and give you more to check off your to-do list.  Please do not see these as added stress.  Choose 1, maybe 2, of these activities, and ONLY if you don't have other ways your family is already celebrating advent.  Relax and experience the shalom of the season!

Pastor Kiera

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